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Hey, Don't Eat That!

While it's true that these little silica gel packets will harm you if eaten, it's also true that they make amazing tarnish retarders when used in your jewelry box. Next time you receive a shipment in the mail, or open a bottle of pills or a box of new shoes and find one of these handy little things, don't throw it out - instead use it to help prevent tarnishing on your silver or silver plated items. Pop 'em in your jewelry box, put them in with your family's fine heirloom silverware. We use them in our jewelry cases in our traveling gallery. The possibilities are many!

Used in conjunction with other methods of jewelry care, you'll go much longer between silver cleanings. Note, however, if you live in a very moist climate, you will want to either dry them out or replace them from time to time.

Just remember to be safe and keep them out of reach of children!

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