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Miniature Tohono O'Odham Horsehair Basket/Plate

Product #:  2974091210
Description:  Exquisite miniature horsehair basket/plate by Tohono O'Odham (Papago) artist Leah Gonzales.  This finely woven work features Papago gathering Saguaro cactus fruits to fill the little baskets waiting behind them.  A diamond-back rattlesnake is coiled in the center and sylized ducks circle the rim.  Riker mount included to protect and display this beautiful treasure.  Basket measures 2 1/4" across x 1/8" deep; Riker mount measures 5 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide x 3/4" deep.  SOLD
Price:  $320.00
Resources:  Image(s):
   additional view a 
   additional view b 
   additional view c 
   additional view d 
   additional view e 
   additional view f 
   Riker mount view a 
   Riker mount view b 



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